Fourth EC Meeting of SAWEN

Fourth EC Meeting of SAWEN


The Executive Committee (EC) composed of all the SAWEN Focal Persons is the decision-making body with both the administrative and advisory role. Directions and guidance on policy level issues to routine activities are core functions of the EC. Regular EC Meetings, therefore, holds higher significance for smooth operation of SAWEN and in due course combating wildlife crime in South Asia. Now, it is more crucial to taking the initiatives from the EC Meeting as the SAWEN is gradually receiving momentum in its institutionalization.

The SAWEN Secretariat has organized three Executive Committee (EC) Meetings of SAWEN so far. The First and Second EC Meetings were held in coinciding with the Third Annual Meeting of SAWEN in October 2016 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The meetings discussed on various issues and agreed to work for further institutionalization of SAWEN in the coming days. The First EC meeting had decided to move forward in the recruitment process of the Secretary General of SAWEN and to explore the scenarios of membership fee. Similarly, the Second EC meeting directed the SAWEN Secretariat for follow up in expediting the process of SAWEN Statute endorsement for three remaining member countries and to prepare for the First General Assembly and next EC meeting. The Third EC Meeting, held on 11 September 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal, had decided to manage the Endowment Fund of SAWEN and worked on ToR of the Secretary General. In addition, the Meeting gave direction to organize next meeting in close consultation with the member countries.

Implementing the decision of the Meeting (Decision No. 7, as provided below), the SAWEN Secretariat is organizing the Fourth EC Meeting as per the expression of interest put forwarded by the member countries. The meeting has directed as:

Decision No. 7

'The meeting proposed to organize the fourth EC Meeting of SAWEN in between December 2017 and January 2018. The Secretariat will send a request letter to the member countries requesting for hosting the meeting. Subsequent to the interest expressed by the member countries, the date and venue will be finalized by the Secretariat.' 

Subsequent to the sharing of decision and request for 'Organizing the Fourth EC Meeting' from the SAWEN Secretariat to the member countries, the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed the interest to host the Fourth EC Meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan. Based on the discussion with the SAWEN Focal Person of Afghanistan and looking into the present scenario, the Secretariat has decided to organize the meeting in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In the preset of the meeting, a three day workshop on 'Strengthening Institutional Capacity of SAWEN' will be organized in view of finalizing the reports drafted by the expert consultants. These reports are the outcomes of the six tasks going on under the project entitled 'Strengthening Institutional Capacity of SAWEN to Combat Wildlife Crime' awarded by Institutional Development Fund (IDF) from the World Bank and coordinated by Project Coordination Unit-National Trust for Nature Conservation. This project aims for strengthening institutional capacity of SAWEN in combating wildlife crime in South Asia. The workshop is a follow up of previously held workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal where the consultants received the feedback and suggestions on preliminary draft from the participants represented the SAWEN member countries.

In this backdrop, the SAWEN Secretariat in collaboration with National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA), Afghanistan will organize the Meeting and Workshop on 29-31 January 2018 in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Overall objective of the Meeting and Workshop will be to provide strategic direction in order to strengthen the SAWEN. Specifically, there are following objectives of the Meeting:

  • To finalize the ToR of the Secretary General of SAWEN and move forward in recruitment process
  • To approve the initiation of the collaborative efforts with like-minded agencies
  • To finalize the reports of ongoing project activities under IDF grant


All the SAWEN focal persons will attend both the EC Meeting and Workshop. In addition, two representatives from each member countries will join the Workshop. Participants from relevant organizations will also participate in the workshop.


In the Workshop, expert consultants will receive feedback and suggestions on the task reports that will help to finalize the reports. The EC meeting will discuss and approve these reports in condition that the expert consultants incorporate all comments. The reports will be helpful in strengthening institutional capacity of SAWEN. Status of the SAWEN Statute endorsement will be shared by the remaining three member countries. The meeting will also approve the ToR and process of recruiting the Secretary General of SAWEN.


29-31 January 2018


Intercontinental Hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan 


Budget for the meeting will be covered from the SAWEN Secretariat.

  • Event Schedule

  • Start Date: 29 January 2018

  • End Date: 31 January 2018