30 Bengalese finches rescued from pet trader
15 June 2017

India: Forest department sources said the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau officials got a tip that a man was selling the finches by advertising online.The information was passed on to wildlife officials. Posing as potential buyers, the officials asked the trader, Vasanthan, 30, of Guduvanchery to come to Padappai with the birds. When he came to Padappai, they nabbed him and seized the birds.

Wildlife officials said the birds were covered under Schedule IV of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Those trading in this category of birds or animals would be penalised. In this case, Vasanthan was fined `20,000, officials said. Wildlife Crime Control Bureau deputy director (Southern Region) D Uma said many people, especially youngsters, involve in the illegal profession of trading wildlife, without realising the consequences.

As this is also the season for rose-ringed parakeets to hatch, many illegally poach this native bird which is in great demand in the pet market. Those who poach parakeet birdlings from tree holes do not understand the impact of what they are doing. This was due to lack of awareness among people, especially those living in the rural areas, she said.

Forest department has to conduct more awareness programmes in rural areas to make the people realise the need for protecting such native birds, conservationists said.

(Source: Times of India)