Poachers jailed for three years
14 June 2018

India: The judicial magistrate court in Kotagiri on Wednesday sentenced three persons to three years imprisonment and fined Rs. 10,500 each in connection with a case of poaching a wild elephant for its ivory tusks.

  1. Selvam, Forest Range Officer, Sigur Range and (in-charge) of Thengumaradah Section, said that the case relates to an instance of poaching at Kookalthorai beat in July 2011.

The three men – K. Annadurai, M. Premkumar and B. Sankar from Bhavani, Erode, had hunted the 14-year-old wild elephant using a rifle and had removed the tusks before hiding it nearby in a small cave.

Anti-poaching watchers and forest guards, who had camped nearby, reportedly heard the sound of the gunshots and managed to apprehend two of the poachers, while the third person escaped.

The two men then showed forest staff where they had hidden the tusks from where it was retrieved.

Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Selvam, who was tasked with arresting the three poachers after the incident occurred, said that the verdict was the culmination of many years of work.

(Source: The Hindu)