Pooja product sellers arrested selling wild life products
25 January 2019

India: There were reports against some pooja product sellers who were selling products made from wild life. Forest department team along with police teams raided shops in Pansariyon ki Ol in Dhanmandi area. These shops have been famous for selling pooja related products.

Dhanmadi police and forest department raided all the shops together and arrested 4 shopkeepers who were in possession of things obtained from wild animals. Possession of all the recovered products comes under the category of crime under the Wild Life Conservation Act of 1972. Shops of M/S Kailashchandra Ramesh Kumar Sarawadi, Shah Fakirchand Shobhalal Pagaria, Modilal  Jeetmal Jain and Bherulal Babulal Soni were raided in Dhanmandi area and a variety of wild life products like jackal horn ( siyar singhi), organs of monitor lizard, pangolin scales etc. were obtained from these shops. All the arrested shop owners will be presented before court on Friday.

(Source: The Udairpur Times)