Eighth Executive Committee Meeting of SAWEN held virtually

Eighth Executive Committee Meeting of SAWEN was held virtually on 29-30 November 2021. The Meeting was commenced in the presence of Focal Persons and representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka along with the Secretariat team. The Meeting was chaired by the Chief Enforcement Coordinator of SAWEN Dr. Ram Chandra Kandel.

In the opening session, welcoming the participants of the Meeting, Dr. Kandel recalled the decadal journey of SAWEN and highlighted on continuity of enhanced cooperation and collaboration among the member countries through information and intelligence sharing. Dr. Kandel requested the focal persons to share success and constraints faced in combating wildlife crime and also for the active participation in discussion as per the agenda including in the Strategic Plan of SAWEN. Mr. Pradeep Bhattarai, Senior Environment Officer, shared overall prospects of the SAWEN Secretariat together with progress made so far and proposal for upbringing of SAWEN.

In the Meeting, agendas including financial support in the SAWEN Endowment Fund; opening of membership to international partner members and partner members; support from donor and partner agencies; recruitment of the Secretary General and team; in-kind support to the SAWEN Secretariat were discussed. Reflecting the situation of upcoming period, the next EC meeting will be held. In the second session of the Meeting, discussion on the draft Strategic Plan of SAWEN was witnessed with review of major sections of the Plan. Focal Persons and representatives put forward their views, opinions and laid out constructive suggestions to shape up the Plan recognizing the existing mechanisms and set up in the Secretariat against human capital, financial resources and probability of arrangement.

The meeting was concluded with brief remarks from the Focal Persons and representatives from the member countries. Closing the meeting, Dr. Kandel reflected on discussed points, shared opinions, views and suggestions from the participants and requested all the member countries to pledge support especially on the Endowment Fund. Acknowledging the active participation and contribution from the Focal Persons and representatives, Dr. Kandel extended the commitment to implement the same for achieving the regional vision of combating wildlife crime through cooperation, collaboration and capacity buildings.